Bishop Fred Washington, president of the board of the Minnesota Council of Churches, has announced that the MCC CEO, the Rev. Canon Peg Chemberlin, has made known her desire to retire from her work with the Minnesota Council of Churches and the MCC Executive Committee has accepted – with regret – her letter of intent in that matter.


On Oct. 13, 2016, Chemberlin and Doug Swanson (the MCC COO) shared with the MCC Executive Committee, their belief that this is a good time to maximize the stability of the Council. The Executive Committee agreed.


The MCC Executive Committee has approved a plan for a transition which will bring a new CEO on board between June 1 and Aug 1, 2017.  The plan includes ongoing involvement of top leadership and results in full alignment of the Council’s internal operations, complete ordering of the council’s legacy, and thorough preparations for the next era of the Council’s life. During this time Chemberlin’s work will focus on the transition. MCC’s normal responsiveness to arising community needs will be somewhat curtailed. Existing programs will continue to run as planned.


Bp. Washington said, “After 21 years of Peg’s superb leadership and a lot of growth and success, it is appropriate to be thinking about a transition, I suppose. We will find time to rejoice for the years of shared ministry, as well as look at the opportunities that are provided to us in this season. We are grateful for the work of our CEO and COO in leading the preparation for the successful integration of the new CEO. We also give thanks for Peg’s leading in the letting go process.”


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