The Minnesota Council of Churches joins religious leaders around the world to share the grief of the senseless violence perpetrated by a man who refused to see the image of God in people unlike him.


We pray for those whose lives were ended so suddenly and violently; we hold their families with the embrace of hope. We pray for healing to those who are fighting for their lives and recovering from injuries.


Minnesota Council of Churches wants the LGBTQ community to know we will be with you in the days to come looking for ways to contribute to the hope that is growing out of this moment.


Minnesota Council of Churches wants the Muslim community to know we continue to wish a Blessed Ramadan to all democracy-loving Muslims, who care for their neighbors, who are peace-loving. Minnesota Council of Churches hears from Muslim leaders time and again that Ramadan is a time to increase compassion and care. We give thanks for the Muslims leaders across this country denouncing the violence in the name of Islam. Minnesota Council of Churches pledges to share your statements of denunciation.


We applaud efforts like LaunchGood (a Muslim-led crowdfunding platform) which is hosting a campaign raising money for the families of the shooting victims.


At such dim and terrible times, our communities can become further divided into “we and them.” We must stand together to ensure this does not happen!


“Do not become the evil you despise; do not become the person who has hurt you.” Each of us must continue to see the image of God in all people.