Last weekend four youth panelists shared their stories at the Muslim Christian Dialogue, “Growing up Christian, Growing up Muslim.”

They said if they could give any advice to younger people growing in their faiths, it is to ask the important “why” questions. The basics of religion should be taught to young people, and it is important that they come to an understanding on their own. Youth benefit from interfaith conversations to respect and value other perspectives and solidify their own convictions.

The audience discussed the idea that they could not appreciate or understand their own religion fully without first studying others. One woman noted that she admired the way that Muslims pray five times a day, and thus are constantly reminding themselves of their religion. Another young woman in the audience, who was Jewish, said that she had been to a Quaker meeting once and really liked the format of community discussion and unity. By coming together in interfaith dialogue, one not only learns more about other religions but grows in their own faith.

Join the Minnesota Council of Churches and the Islamic Center of Minnesota in continued interfaith discussion for the next Muslim Christian Dialogue on May 19th.