In a recent Honoring Choices Minnesota story, Emergency Consultation in the ICU, David Bonham, MD, a specialist in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care, shared his experiences in caring for a patient with severe respiratory distress. Dr. Bonham writes:

“Sometimes I think we do the most good as ICU doctors when we help patients and their families to accept imminent death, relieving pain and suffering as best we can. It is seldom possible to bring everyone involved to a perfect consensus, but keeping the focus on loving care and comfort can be the result of providing information and guidance as well as the sharing of family feelings and fears. Advance care planning can greatly enhance the ease with which this final stage unwinds.”

Graceful Journey in partnership with Honoring Choices Minnesota is designed to help people think about the kinds of decisions that need to be made at end of life, to offer the tools necessary to discuss and make those decisions, and to encourage congregations to provide the care needed to make end of life a graceful journey for its members.

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