Meet the refugees, police officers, property managers, and community connectors who make up the MCC Mankato Area Refugee Services Tapestry Project.


Over the past decade, Mankato has become home to an increasing number of secondary refugees, refugees who have migrated to Mankato from all across the US in search of a better life for their family in Minnesota. However there has been no intentional forum for community members from different cultures to get to know their neighbors.

The Tapestry Project is a community-facilitated project conducted in collaboration with Lloyd Management and the City of Mankato to co-facilitate parenting, housing, safety and health education classes. People from diverse backgrounds share stories and strategies for building a prosperous life in Minnesota. Recent refugees are not the only ones coming away with new knowledge. Tiffany Blaschko, Mankato Police Department, says, “I have gained friends out of this. Made connections. Learned how they live their life and … how they relate to things we say or do.”