The Minnesota Council of Churches is a proud sponsor of Minnesota FoodShare, a program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches.

According to Second Harvest, hungry Minnesota families miss about 100 million meals every year. The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign is the largest food drive in the state and annually mobilizes 2,500 congregations, businesses, schools, and civic organizations to collect food and money to support the more than 300 food shelves who serve individuals and families with the food that they need. For 31 years the campaign has depended on everyday heroes to succeed. The goal for this year is 1 million dollars in donation gifts as we all work together to support those in need in our communities. Here are some healthy donation suggestions.


Don’t know where to donate? The Minnesota Church Center (122 Franklin Ave West, Minneapolis) has a shopping cart for food collection in the lobby for delivery to the Groveland Foodshelf at Plymouth Church. There will also be buckets for cash donations at the Church Center reception desk and the cafeteria. Receipts are available.